How It Works

HousingMatch.org is a private online community by agency referral only. The database is accessed by case managers from agencies all over the state who help to connect people in the network. Agencies will run background checks and assess prospective members’ eligibility for the network. They help with rental agreements and crafting house rules, and they provide ongoing supports to ensure that the arrangement is a good match.


Our Vision

HousingMatch.org brings back the oldest form of networking on the planet- communities supporting communities. Shared housing is not new. People have been sharing housing, childcare, household chores and thriving in extended shared housing networks for ages. These are difficult times. With more budget cuts, fewer services are available and our children are the first to suffer. Our vision is to provide a safe, affordable, long term solution to the current housing crisis with supported shared housing arrangements by networking agencies, families and individuals.


Our Mission

HousingMatch.org is formed in response to a growing problem in our country-homelessness. Because there is so little affordable housing and dwindling public and subsidized housing opportunities, we need to look to each other for support if we are going to provide everyone with the safe, clean, healthy homes we deserve.

Our mission is to provide a network for families and individuals to share housing; obtain resources and services; secure healthy, safe, affordable homes; and reduce homelessness.

Our Team

Board of  Directors

Dolores Beliso


Stabilization Specialist and Housing Advocate

Myra Ackerman


Former Director of Family Emergency Services, Family Aid Boston

Vernon Blessing


Senior Consultant, Colomina, Blessing & Associates

Stephen Fulton


Deputy Director, Catholic Charities of Boston

Emily Lamica


Fellow, Financial Leadership Program, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Helen Nichols

Family Support Specialist

Massachusetts State Emergency Shelter Commission

Alison Bromley

Service Corrdinator

Ohana Health

People Sharing Housing is Good for Children, Families, and the Elderly.