Background Check

Welcome to the Background Check Page.

Please read the instructions carefully and watch the video before proceeding.

What we screen for: screens the reports for multiple evictions, serious violent criminal offenses, registered sex offenders, and any other derogatory information that may impact the safety of our members. If you are aware of information that may effect the screening process, please apply with the help of a participating agency. has a policy that everyone who posts an ad to share housing must complete a background check, even if they own the property.

Next steps:

    1. Get these two reports.

Click here to get your Tenant Screening Report

Click here to get your Massachusetts CORI Report

           2.  Send the CORI report to via our private upload portal.

IMPORTANT-Please redact (black out) the year you were born, and the first five (5) digits of your social security number before uploading the report.
Upload CORI report

           3.  When approved, you will receive links by email to post an ad and activate your new account.

About the Tenant Screening Report:

  • IMPORTANT- Please make a copy of your Tenant Screening Report within 48 hours of opening the secure link by email.  
  • The Tenant Screening Report will be sent automatically to by the screening service.
  • You will need to have your driver’s license and social security number ready to obtain the report. The Tenant Screening Service does not accept ITIN numbers, you must have a social security number to access this report. The screening service charges $31 for the report which you may keep for your records.  You can make payment online with a major credit card. The report may be completed the same day, or if there is criminal history being reported, it may take up to one week. A copy will be sent automatically to to review.  A link will be sent to you to make a copy of your report. You must copy the report within 48 hours of opening the email with the link and signing in to your account or the link will expire.
  • The Tenant Screening Report will include your TransUnion credit report, a thorough OFAC, SDN, nationwide criminal records search, sex offender’s registry, FBI’s Most Wanted, Terrorist Watch, and a national eviction history search. All searches are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by Reliable Background Screening a BBB recommended service. will not accept background check reports from other services.

About the CORI:

  • The Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) report is specific to criminal records for the state of Massachusetts. The state charges $25 for the online  CORI report, however, qualifying households can obtain the report free of charge by filling out an Affidavit of Indigency Form and sending the report by post or “snail mail”. This process takes about 2 weeks.
  • You can obtain your CORI quickly (within 2-3 business days) by ordering it online, but your are required to pay the $25 fee. To order your report online, first create an account, then when you will receive an email to  login and request your CORI report, you can download the report from your private user dashboard. You will need personal information about your family and birthplace and a copy of your state driver’s license or identification to request the report. After you obtain the report, follow instructions carefully to redact your personal information before uploading the report to the secure portal.


  • If you wish to dispute any of the information that you find in the Tenant Screening Report, you can contact Reliable Screening Service directly at (800)787-2439. For disputes about information in your CORI, see links in our Resources section for free legal services available in Massachusetts.