Why Share Housing

The problem

  • Scarcity of affordable housing.
  • Most low-income wage earners cannot afford to pay high rents.
  • Market rate rents continue to increase.
  • Households cannot afford transportation costs as they are forced to live far from their workplace.
  • “Cliff Effect” impacts low-income households not eligible for full benefits or government assistance.

The solution

  • Sharing housing can cut tenant rent portions by 50%.
    • Tenants can afford to complete work training and educational programs.
    • Tenants can begin saving for emergencies.
  • Shared resources go beyond housing
    • Tenants can share: Childcare, bills, food, and transportation costs
  • Agencies can help tenants access services
    • Basic Needs benefits (food stamps, cash benefits, clothing, etc)
    • Rental assistance,
    • utility assistance,
    • landlord-tenant mediation and legal services.